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I think a lot of our strange behavior – whether around men we used to date or are currently dating – can be attributed to over-thinking things. Certainly, that’s the case for me. I am constantly worrying that I may say or do the wrong thing, and jeopardize a fledgling relationship. And if the relationship ends, I worry that I’m moving on too slowly, whatever that means. All this fretting makes for a very exhausting existence. Over time, I realize it’s pointless being hard on yourself. If a guy likes you, there’s very little you can (or cannot) do that will change his mind. And if he doesn’t, over-analyzing whatever he says or does isn’t going to help your cause one bit. Oh, and if you’re trying to move on from a failed relationship, know this: there’s no set time frame for getting over someone. Everybody heals at a different rate. By channeling your energies into thinking more productive thoughts, you’re free to be yourself.
written by: Kristine N
each day i wait and wait, hoping for a simple ‘hey’ or ‘what’s up’. but it’s been so long. and i don’t know how long i think i can deal with it. one day we act like lovers and the next we are complete strangers. if you were to know the thoughts going through my mind it would be disastrous. because all of it is about one, lovely existence. you.
June 15 (via kashvo)
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